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Specific Duties:
3 Repairs and maintenance of Turbines, Compressors, Pumps, Blowers and Agitators.

Alignment of rotary equipment.

3 Monitoring parameters such as – Vibrations, Noise levels, Temperature and power consumption.
3 Troubleshooting and carrying out short term and long term corrective measures. 
3 Vocational or industrial trade training with 3 to 4 years experience in mechanical trade in oil &  gas industry.

Alternatively any equivalent qualifications.

Course Contents:
3 Introduction of all types of process and utility equipments.
3 Study of prime functions of equipment.
3 Study on handling of mechanical seals, gear boxes, bearings, lubrication systems, gaskets etc.

Method of tightening flanges of equipment.

3 Study on reading of drawings, manuals, spare parts, safety procedures and logbook and report writing. 
Course Duration:
3 8 weeks


  Techskill observes sequence of actions.
a) Inquiry from client
b) Finalizing client's exact requirements
c) Submission of proposal
d) Conduct discussions on contractual aspects and
e) Commence training.
  Techskill have established a facility which has workshop areas and classrooms. In  workshop available machinery are – steam turbines, different types of compressors, pumps, tools and measuring instruments. Machinery has been sourced from a petrochemical plant. Availability of equipment allows trainee to understand in details each part under training instructor.

Assessment & Grading of trainees:

  To ensure proper progress of training, Techskill periodically conducts assessment of all trainees. Normally a review at the beginning of course then in middle of course duration and finally on completion of course.
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