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Specific Duties:
3 Should be familiar with all material, equipment and consumables involved in TIG & ARC welding.

Should be fully familiar with TIG & ARC Welding procedure and able to read and understand WPS and Welder Qualification range.


Should know safe working procedure and use of PPE.

3 Vocational or industrial trade training with 2 to 3 years experience in mechanical trade in oil &  gas industry.

Alternatively any equivalent qualifications.

Course Contents:

Welding Machinery, welding holder for GTAW & SMAW, types of filler rods and electrodes.


Metals and its alloys used in oil & gas industries.


Welding process, welding positions, joints & edge preparation.

3 Welding practice on 6” dia x 80 sch pipe in 6G and 6 GR positions.

Welding defects, distortions and methods employed to minimize its effect and Heat

3 Knowledge of destructive and Non destructive tests (NDT), visual, radiography and ultrasonic.
Course Duration:
3 GTAW and SMAW (TIG & ARC) - 5 Weeks
3 GTAW  - 3 Weeks
3 SMAW - 3 Weeks


  Techskill observes sequence of actions.
a) Inquiry from client
b) Finalizing client's exact requirements
c) Submission of proposal
d) Conduct discussions on contractual aspects and
e) Commence training.

Number of welding booths fully equipped with Invertor type welding machines  (Capacity up to 400  Amps), welding holders for ARC welding & Argon torch.


Each booth with individual Argon cylinder with pressure regulator.

3 Electrodes baking and holding ovens as well as portable oven for each booth.
3 Specially designed smoke extraction systems with duct & exhaust blower for smoke free atmosphere.
3 Stock of standard electrodes and filling wires.

Assessment & Grading of trainees:

  To ensure proper progress of training, Techskill periodically conducts assessment of all trainees. Normally a review at the beginning of course then in middle of course duration and finally on completion of course.
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