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Specific Duties:
3 Disassemble all types of process lines valves such as; Gate, globe, NRV, Plug, Ball, Safety etc. as per standard procedure.

Inspection of all parts, repairing of damage parts, including grinding and lapping.


Assembly of all types of valves with proper gaskets and gland packings.

3 Testing of valves, pneumatically and hydraulically including safety valves as per standard procedures.
3 Vocational or industrial trade training with 2 to 3 years experience in mechanical trade in oil &  gas industry.

Alternatively any equivalent qualifications.

Course Contents:

Knowledge of all types of process lines valves and their functions and applications.


Step-by-step dismantling and assembly procedures of all types of valves.


Inspection and reconditioning of all damaged parts.

3 Pneumatic and hydraulic test procedure including pressure setting of safety valves.

Knowledge of safety rules and hazards during pneumatic testing.

Course Duration:
3 4 Weeks


  Techskill observes sequence of actions.
a) Inquiry from client
b) Finalizing client's exact requirements
c) Submission of proposal
d) Conduct discussions on contractual aspects and
e) Commence training.

Valve workshop is equipped with all types of process line valves e. g. Gate, Globe, NRV, Ball, Plug, and Safety valves. Grinding and lapping plates and all grades of pastes are utilized. The flatness measurement tools are available. Different types and sizes of gasket sheets and gland packing material are available. Hydraulic test pump with standard pressure gauges available.


Assessment & Grading of trainees:

  To ensure proper progress of training, Techskill periodically conducts assessment of all trainees. Normally a review at the beginning of course then in middle of course duration and finally on completion of course.
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