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Specific Duties:
3 To perform independently at site to carry out fabrication from steel sections like I-Beams, Channels, Angels and plates.

Shall be carrying out measurements, gas cutting, level fixing and using different types of weldings.

3 Shall be able to read drawings and prepare bill of materials.
3 Vocational or industrial trade training with 2 to 3 years experience in mechanical trade in oil &  gas industry.

Alternatively any equivalent qualifications.

Course Contents:
3 Introduction of role of structural steel fabricator at construction sites.
3 Study of general safety rules, PPE, fire extinguishers, air and gas masks etc.

Practically handling of measuring instruments, gas cutting, welding carrying out fabrication from various built up sections.


Knowledge of joints, symbols, drawings, jigs and fixtures.

Course Duration:
3 4 weeks


  Techskill observes sequence of actions.
a) Inquiry from client
b) Finalizing client's exact requirements
c) Submission of proposal
d) Conduct discussions on contractual aspects and
e) Commence training.

All types and sizes of steel sections are available for fabrication. In addition , all standard and special tools for structural fabrication are available.  All types of Personal Protection Equipment are available.


Assessment & Grading of trainees:

  To ensure proper progress of training, Techskill periodically conducts assessment of all trainees. Normally a review at the beginning of course then in middle of course duration and finally on completion of course.
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